Fillet Steak - £37.60 per kilo

Pack sizes - approximately 0.4kg - 2 steaks per pack

This is the most tender cut of beef available and is cut from the centre of the sirloin along the back of the animal. Fillet steaks are lean and tender round steaks cut across the sirloin and can be grilled or fried and served plain or with a sauce such as peppercorn, red wine or mushroom.


Sirloin Steak - £26.50 per kilo


Pack sizes - approximately 0.5kg - 2 steaks per pack

Sirloin steak comes from the sirloin, located in the mid part of the hindquarters. According to legend, King Henry VIII of England so loved this steak he dubbed it  Sir Loin". Sirloin is a tender steak, perfect for frying and grilling. This cut is not quite so tender as fillet steak but many prefer it for its deep, rich flavour.


Rib Eye Steak - £23.50 per kilo

Pack sizes - approximately 0.5kg - 2 steaks per pack

Succulent and well-marbled with fat, rib-eye steak is a highly regarded boneless cut from the rib section. The "eye" in its name refers to the round cross-section of a muscle that is not well exercised, so rib-eye steak is very tender.


Minute Steak - £12.90 per kilo

Pack sizes are approximately 0.5kg containing about 8 slices and the 0.25kg pack - contains about 4 slices

A thinly sliced piece of boneless sirloin or eye of round. Because of its small size, it usually requires only a minute per side to cook, using high heat.


Rump Steak - £16.20 per kilo

Pack sizes - approximately 0.5kg - 2 steaks per pack

A truly 'beefy' cut of meat with great texture and so full of flavour. Perfect for the barbecue.


Braising Steak - £10.55 per kilo


Pack sizes - approximately 0.5kg

Best with long slow cooking which makes it perfect for casseroles where its texture and flavour will be appreciated.


Brisket - £10.00 per kilo

This cut is taken from just below the shoulder and is another cut that is best cooked slowly. It is often cooked in oine piece so it is ideal for pot roasts.


Rib Roast - on bone, £17.35 per kilo, rolled £20.10 per kilo

Rib Roast on the bone starts at a 2 rib up to 5 ribs for very hungry people

Rolled Rib Roast starts at 1kg pack size

Often called the King of Roasts, the meat is tender and succulent but not bland. The thick marbling and the parallel ribs, seven in all, contribute to making this a tasty cut.


Rolled Sirloin £25.35 per kilo

A rich taste and wonderful texture, equally good to eat hot or cold.


Silverside Roast - £12.70 per kilo

Silverside is a lean boneless cut of meat that comes from the hindquarters of the animal. It is a versatile cut and can be roasted, pot roasted or braised. This is the ideal joint for traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding!


Topside Roast - £12.70 per kilo

Very similar to Silverside, just as full of flavour, can be cooked a little quicker.


Steak Mince - 500g pack - £8.50 per kilo

So versatile! Cottage pie, mince and tatties, spaghetti bolognaise, Swedish meatballs, chilli con carne, the list is endless. And so much tastier and healthier with lean Dalachy Beef mince!


Stewing Steak £9.45 per kilo

Pack size is approximately 0.5kg


Stir Fry Strips - £13.50 per kilo

Pack size is approximately 0.3kg

Ideal for a quick tasty meal!


Sausage Links - £7.50 per Kg

0.5kg pack contains 10 sausages, whilst a 0.25kg pack contains 5 sausages

Sausage, egg and chips - an old favourite. Or how about sausages braised in white wine for something a little more elegant? Or toad in the hole? Made with lean and tasty Dalachy Beef sausages a simple repast becomes a meal fit for a king!


Lorne Sausage - 500g pack - £7.50 per Kg

4 sausages in a pack

In a roll, or with fried eggs and tomatoes for breakfast? Unbeatable!


Beef Burgers - 500g pack - £7.50 per Kg

4 burgers per pack

And the accent is on Beef! If you like your burgers beefy then look no further! Perfect for the barbeque or, if the weather's too cold, try burgers topped with a blue cheese sauce, a baked potato and a glass of red wine. Yumm!