Dalachy - the home of naturally reared, well hung and tender Aberdeen Angus.

Farm AssuredFarm Assured Scotch Beef

Dalachy is a supplier of Farm Assured Scotch beef. The feeding, haulage, processing and selling of this beef must all fall under the Farm Assured Scotch discipline.

Only if it fulfils all those conditions can it be called Scotch Beef and sold under this sign:

And now also the home of Dalachy Tasty Texel Lamb!

Why not try our Specially Selected succulent, tender beef and lamb from animals born and reared in fields overlooking the Firth of Forth?

The beef is specially selected for conformation, fat cover and marbling and is matured for a minimum of three weeks.

All beef now being sold by Dalachy Beef  is Aberdeen Angus and our lamb comes from the renowned Dalachy Texel flock.


We supply our beef and lamb to our customers with a guarantee of total traceability of its gate to plate history.